Dura-Bar is committed to being a good neighbor and caring for our environment. We conduct our business in a manner that protects our employees, customers, communities, and environment. We believe that our commitment to the responsible management of our environment contributes to the successful growth of our company.

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We meet our responsibility through energy and natural resource conservation as well as minimizing waste generation and process emissions. We are also committed to research and development that results in additional overall environmental improvements.

We remelt almost all metal byproducts produced from casting and processing our bar product. Much of our raw material is steel scrap. Water used to cool the bars in the casting process is recycled through our on-site lake. Other byproducts are recycled into friction products and landfill cover.

Dura-Bar's actions reflect Charter Manufacturing Company’s philosophy of environmental management. It is derived from the same core values and commitment to quality that have satisfied our customers for many years. It is a key part of our culture.

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