Ongoing Research and Development

Testing and Improving Dura-Bar

At Dura-Bar, worldwide sourcing and increased customer demands means we have to benchmark our products and continuously improve them. We methodically test, evaluate and improve our process and product to do just that.

More importantly, we work with customers to test the use of Dura-Bar in various applications. We routinely compare strength and wear resistance for steel and other metals to help determine if gray or ductile iron is a suitable alternative. We can provide the right information to make certain a switch to Dura-Bar will have a positive impact for the customer.

Metallurgical Research Lab

Properties are constantly being developed on the entire spectrum of Dura-Bar products in both the as-cast and heat-treated condition and are available on our website to help Design Engineers select the best grade for an application.

Our research lab performs metallography and chemical analysis, along with a full spectrum of mechanical tests, including static and dynamic strength, hardness and wear resistance.

Hardness Testing

Let our team provide the information you need to determine if Dura-Bar is right for your application!

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