Dura-Bar: An Alternative to Castings


Dura-Bar continuous cast iron is a high quality alternative to castings. With Dura-Bar, there is no sand or carbides, so there are no defects like those typically found in castings and Dura-Bar comes with a unique Zero Defect Guarantee.

Dura-Bar's material consistency stems from the continuous casting process used to produce it.  Continuous casting involves pulling bars through a graphite die at the bottom of a crucible filled with molten iron.  Dross, slag, and other impurities float to the top of the crucible and never make it into the cast bars.

Besides eliminating defects, continuous casting also yields an especially fine-grained microstructure which permits faster machining and extended tool life. This boosts throughput and lowers a manufacturer's cost per part.  It also permits better surface finishes.

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Dura-Bar Fine-Grained Consistency


Sand Casting Inconsistencies

 Sand Casting

Dura-Bar material has a consistent fine-grained microstructure; free from sand and carbides unlike sand castings.

Example Application: Pump Housing

Casting's Problems

  • Inconsistent availability and delivery
  • Low quality material
  • Parts in varying lengths

Solutions and Benefits

  • Reliability and consistency from a         stable manufacturer
  • Zero-Defect guarantee
  • No pattern needed
  • Immediate availability from a Dura-       Bar distributors (over 100 locations)
  • Improved machinability
  • Total part cost reduction

  • With Dura-Bar, there are no defects like those typically found in castings -- e.g. porosity, slag, hard spots, shrinkage, etc. Dura-Bar comes with a unique Zero-Defect Guarantee that not only provides for the replacement of any defective material, but also for reimbursement of costs involved with machining it.

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  • Dura-Bar material has a consistent fine-grained microstructure; free from sand and carbides, which results in superior machinability. Factors include increased speed and feedrates, longer tool life, better surface finish and improved chip control. They all boost throughput and lower a manufacturer's cost per part, as well as increasing machine capacity.

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  • By using bar stock, multiple lengths can be achieved without costly patterns and tooling. By using bar stock, components or part families which differ slightly in geometry can easily be manufactured without the need and cost for multiple casting patterns and associated tooling. Differences in geometry may include length, machined diameters, or number of holes.

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  • Dura-Bar stocks over 500 sizes, available from our distributor network with over 100 locations. Our network of regional and national distributors is the best in the business for stocking, processing and delivering the Dura-Bar product. From specialty distributors to multi-line service centers, they stock a multitude of sizes and shapes and offer a broad mix of services, to meet your individual production needs. We are always happy to work with you and our distributor to determine the best Dura-Bar grade for your application, so contact us using the form below or View our Stock Sizes

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