Pony Rod Case Study

IndustryDura-Bar GradeOriginal MaterialProblems Solved
Oil and Gas65-45-12 Ductile IronHot Rolled 1018 Carbon SteelMachining Cycle Time, Cost Reduction, Weight Reduction

This manufacturer of hydraulic fracturing pumps had an initiative to find cost savings in the production of their pony rod. A material which could replace the 1018 steel had to compare in performance, which included coatability. After testing Dura-Bar, they found that the total coating time could be reduced by 25%, due to a shorter preheat cycle needed.

The manufacturer previously had a 30% scrap rate due to poor coating on the 1018 steel. Dura-Bar analyzed the coating on our 65-45-12 and the lab results were favorable to the manufacturer.

Dura-Bar 65-45-12 also resulted in a 46% savings in machining cycle time and therefore a significant gain in machine capacity.

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