Dura-Bar Expands Size Range for Even Larger Applications

Woodstock, Illinois

Dura-Bar is excited to announce an expanded product size range. Dura-Bar now offers rounds as large as 29.5" diameter and rectangles/squares up to 28" on the longest dimension. The larger the part size, the more important it is for manufacturers to find materials that meet required properties and decrease machining cycle times.

These bigger bar sizes will directly benefit customers in industries where large applications are critical to their projects. Manufacturers in the Machine Tool space can use the larger bar sizes in applications such as lapping plates, slide ways, tombstones, vises, or base plates (fixturing, workholding). Foundries, on the other hand, might use these larger bars for pattern plates and core boxes, and the Fluid Power industry for manifolds. Whatever your need, Dura-Bar can help! The expanded size range includes three grades of continuous cast iron: one gray, and two ductile.

Dura-Bar expanded size ranges showing round and rectangle

The first grade of continuous cast iron offered in the expanded size range is GX. This pearlitic gray iron contains a minimum of 90% pearlite, and several finished sizes are available for different sizes applications. GX is a great choice for customers interested in noise and vibration damping, wear resistance, and heat treatment options. This non-ductile material is also available in a variety of small and large cross sections for atypical size applications.

The other two grades available in the expanded size range are 65-45-12X and 80-55-06X. The 65-45-12X is a medium strength all-purpose grade of ductile iron that is a suitable alternative for low and medium carbon steels. The predominately ferritic matrix makes the 65-45-12X very machinable, and ideally suited for applications where fatigue strength and durability are a primary concern. The 80-55-06X is a ductile cast iron that is responsive to heat treating like through-hardening and surface hardening. This grade has a pearlite/ferrite matrix with less than 5% carbides. The 80-55-06X also has excellent tensile strength at over 80,000 psi minimum, and yield strength at 55,000 psi minimum.

All products offered in the expanded sizes are backed by the Dura-Bar Zero Defect Guarantee. In fact, in the rare case of a foundry to defect, we will provide a replacement for any defective material, or reimbursement of your cost of the material, and machining cost up to the total cost of material. Dura-Bar is committed to quality products delivered on time and within spec.

Dura-Bar continually strives to meet and exceed customer requirements through certification and conformance to the highest level of industry standards.

Engineered to excel, Dura-Bar is the preferred choice over steel, castings, and aluminum for many applications, in a wide variety of industries. Visit our stock sizes page or contact us if there is a size you are interested in that is not listed.

Download the X products brief below for an overview of grades, mechanical properties and sizes.

Expanded Size Range Offering